Moving Beyond the Shock

Have you ever gone through something that totally rocked you to your core? How did you rebound? As a nation/community, we are living through one of the most difficult seasons in our lives. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has literally swept across our nation, sending shock waves of fear, panic, and anxiety across the globe. So, how do you remain strong during these trying times? Where does your faith lie? Who do you turn to in times of crisis?

I want to encourage you, even while we’re in the midst of this storm, ‘Shake Off the Shock,’ and TAKE ACTION! Although these last few weeks have felt like a blow due to Covid-19, guess what, YOU’RE STILL HERE!! And, you got this!

Here are 5 daily actions to achieve your greatest LIFE-WORK-FIT; especially in times of a crisis:

1 –  PRAY, fast, and live with intentionality
2 – FOCUS your priorities, position, and purpose daily
3 – COMMUNICATE with those in your tribe; seek wise counsel
4 – MOVE your body; eat and drink well
5 – DO something fun every single day!

If you are already practicing these actions steps, great! I’d love to hear from you. How are they helping you in your every day life?

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