Moving Beyond the Shock

Have you ever gone through something that totally rocked you to your core? How did you rebound? As a nation/community, we are living through one of the most difficult seasons in our lives. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has literally swept across our nation, sending shock waves of fear, panic, and anxiety across the globe. So, how do you remain strong during these trying times? Where does your faith lie? Who do you turn to in times of crisis?

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Work-Life Balance?

We’ve all heard people talk about all the ways to achieve ‘Work-life-balance?’
Although this thought process is highly acceptable in today’s society, my husband and I prefer (and have coined the term in our many discussions) taking action steps to achieve ‘Life-Work-fit’. Over the years, we have come to the realization that if we allow WORK to continuously LEAD our thought processes and day to day activities, we will inevitably miss out on LIVING life; and balance? Let’s face it, what TRULY is balance??Continue reading “Work-Life Balance?”

Kids Will Be Kids

Kids will be kids.

I have to admit, I’ve gotten a little teary-eyed a few times this week. When my kids asked why we couldn’t go to church or school. When they wanted to go to the zoo and out to our favorite restaurant…’since we’re all home’ and I had to tell them ‘no.’ And when I had to turn their friends away who stopped by to play. This is hard. I know they miss their friends, so we’ve facetimed a few of them here and there, and that holds them over OK…(sigh). All and all, we’ve been making the best of it. Through building forts, sidewalk chalk and snacks outdoors hide-and-seek in the house and evening walks; practicing social distancing of course. We have some study time too…but naps and bedtime have been completely off LOL! Oh well.

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